Diagnostic Evaluation of Autism Spectrum Disorders

During an Autism Spectrum Disorders evaluation, I will work with your family to develop a comprehensive picture of your child’s functioning.  I view this type of assessment as a process in which we work together to gather information, discuss concerns and questions, and develop recommendations to address behavioral needs and support existing strengths.

Typically, an evaluation of Autism Spectrum Disorders will include the following:

  • A biopsychosocial assessment of medical history, family functioning, and peer relationships
  • Completion of a developmental questionnaire
  • Administration of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale
  • Administration of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd Edition

Evaluations are often completed in one session.  Within two weeks, the results of the assessments are tabulated and integrated into a report, which will be reviewed with your family at a feedback meeting.  During this meeting, we will discuss the findings and recommendations, and I will provide you with an individualized list of services that are appropriate for your family’s needs.